Our ministry, Motherhouse Deaconry, started in 1899 in Borken Town of East Prussia in Germany. Rev.Blazejewski started with four dedicated sisters.


This ministry was blessed as many ladies came from German cities and towns, who wanted to serve as deaconesses. The work was first called "House of sisters", later DGD German Fellowship Deaconry Association. After spreading to further places in Germany, motherhouses were started in other countries, such as Holland, North-America, Brazil and Rwanda also in Japan.


We have our backgrounds in different cultures, but ministry the same Lord. We are serving Jesus Christ by following HIS Gospel.


Prayers have been answered and so Deaconry was born in Japan many years ago. In 1985 Motherhouse Bethel was established. On Easter 2015 the Bethel Church was born.


We pray the Lord would add to our Sisterhood deaconesses who are called by Him for His purposes! We pray the Lord to give us more volunteers to help and support our work for Him!



Dr. Joachim Drechsel DGD wishes us:


-the creativity of Christ's love for all our encounters with people, as we reach into the different levels of Japanese society


 -joy in studying Scripture, which will manifest itself in the biblical structure of our church, as well as in an new discovery of evangelical freedom


 -above all, the sprit of prayer, that will always keep as vibrant, alive, and also alert to the voice and work of the Holy Spirit.







 7日 セミナー


 9日 婦人の集い 


15日 ドイッチェ・フラウエン


19日 受苦日礼拝

        (Good Friday) 

20日 ベラカの会


21日 イースター


23日 いずみ会




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