1.   Guests may use street shoes on floors

      one and four, but one must

      change to slippers on floor two.


2.   Sound travels through the building and beyond walls easily in

      Motherhouse Bethel. Therefore, guests are encouraged to reduce

      unnecessary noise whenever and wherever possible.


3.   For guests desiring a tour of the building and facilities, please

      inquire at the front desk for information.


4.   A table is provided in the main hall on the second floor for the

      consumption of food and beverages. Please use this area for

      eating. Please enjoy the complimentary Japanese tea available in

      this location as well. You may also enjoy food and beverages in the

      Western style rooms, but we respectfully request that you refrain

      from taking food or beverages in the Japanese style rooms. 


5.   Smoking and the use of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited at

      Motherhouse Bethel.


6.   Check in begins 3:00 P.M. and check out is on or before 10:00 A.M..


7.   For guests desiring a room key, please inquire at the front desk. If

      you leave the building, please leave the key with the attendant at

      the front desk, giving notification of the time of your scheduled

      return. Please note that the building is locked at 10:00P.M.. 


8.   If you leave the building or are in a conference for long periods of

      time, before you leave your room, please close the windows. Also,

      by all means, turn off the air conditioning.


9.   Please adjust the window blinds so that the blinds are lowered and

      positioned parallel to the floor.


10. Please use the pay phone on the first floor near the entranceway

      for phone and fax calls. If you need change for making call, please

      contact the business office for assistance.  


11. Please ensure that you have taken adequate precautions for

      valuables(cash, jewelry, cameras,etc.), as these are your own

      personal responsibility. (There is no provision of a safe in the rooms

      or at the facility.)    


12. There are bathing facilities on the first and second floors. On the

      first floor there are a shower and four Japanese-style bath spaces.

      On the second floor there is a smaller room for bathing, with a tub

      and shower. By all means, when you finish bathing and before you

      leave the bathing area, be sure to leave the exhaust fan turned on

      and the light switches turned off. 


13. Please use the bath towel, wash cloth and bath mat provided. In the

      bath on the second floor, please use the sandals provided in the

      shoes box while in the bathing area.


14. During the night foot lights illuminate the hallway and corridors. 


15. In the case of fire, earthquake or other calamity, use of the elevator

      is very dangerous. Use the stairway, holding on to the railing

      instead of attempting to use the elevator. Please follow the

      directions provided by Motherhouse Bethel staff in case of an

      emergency, as you are guided to a safe location. 


16. If you need anything during the day, please contact the staff in the

      business office on the first floor or the staff in the kitchen on the

      first floor. During the evenings, please use the in-house phone on

      the second floor, dialing numbers which you are told when you

      arrive here for assistance. (To use the phone, pick up the receiver

      and press any button, thus activating the phone.)