Seminar  2018


The last seminar, one of three seminars, was finished in 9/9/18.  We invited Ms.Ikuko Nagahara, director of Mana maternity hospital in Hiyodoridai Kita-ku Kobe, in this year.


The theme of this year was "Look at your life!", then the title of the third was "Look at your life, we aim for the god's will." She talked about not only the work of her maternity hospital but new activity, called "the door for small life". This place is for women who face to their difiiculties, for instance, people who get unexpected pregnant, thinking abortion, abusing your baby, having a birth but can not foster a baby and so on. Throughout three seminars in this year, what she strongly said about is the importance of the educating to young students what is sex to prevent those problem. Therefore, she has given the lecture in many school as much as possible. If you are interested, visit her website here. Also some photos in seminars here


summer camp 2018


Summer camp were held in August, 2018. 

There were two divisions, one was for primary students and junior high school, and the other was for pre school kids. 


The first one was held from 2/8 to 4/8 and 21students joined in this year. They studied bible texts, sang some hymns and made handcrafts. Mr. Masazumi Fujiwara, physics lecturer in University, taught them how to make a microscope using a pet bottle, then they observed a sliced onion by their handmade microscope.


The second one was held from 17th to 18th just after the OBON vacation. Five kids attended the camp with their mother and father. They enjoyed bible story, sing some hymns and making handcrafts. 


We are really pleased that they enjoyed our camp, and also some volunteers helped us very much. 


We are looking forward to meeting them next year.


See the same photos, here.


Bethel Kitchen Vol.7


We had the 7th Bethel kitchen in the 13th of June, 2018, making HongKong domestic cuisine. Ms. Kayo Murakami, cook in Motherhouse bethel, used to stay in HonkKong for a certain time and learned it from friends there. They made 4 dishes for this time. Everyone really liked them and a few people went to ChinaTown in Kobe directly to get special ingredients so that they would cook them in their house. 

see some photos here.


Special worship for 33rd anniversary year of the founding 


The special worship for 33rd anniversary year of the founding of the Motherhouse Bethel was held in the 20th of May, 2018 in Motherhouse Bethel.


First, the worship was held in our chapel and Rev. Hidehiko Fujita, the pastor of Mission Covenant Church of Kobe, gave a massage for us which was "a developing knot in new situation.".  Also, Sister Etsuko Tsujino, representative of Motherhouse bethel, and Sister Tomoko Yamazaki, pastor of Bethel Church, report about themselves continuously. Sister Kuniko Kamata made her testimony during the service.


After the worship, we had a tea party and MAKI & LILY, duo gospel group,  gave their performance. They sang not only standard gospel music but Mozart motet and their original music. 


Thank you very much for attending our worship. We are very pleased for that.


See some photos here.


Bethel Kitchen vol.6, 2017


The Bethel kitchen was held in 4/10/2017. It was 6th bethel kitchen. Though we planned to have it twice this time as many people informed us of the participation, eventually 12 people took part in it. Therefore, we did it once in the 4th of Oct.


The menu was RInderroulade, (German beef roll).

It was apparently quite familiar in German family. The participants seemed to enjoy cooking it with us.


Sister Setoguchi(Sr. Nelly) taking in charge of this time commented,

    "This was the 6th Bethel kitchen. 11 people joined with us for

    the Bethel Kitchen. Some people were first time with us and  

    some other have participated since the 1st Bethel Kitchen.  

    We had such a fun time, cooking and eating it together. The

    menu was German beef roll. Ms. Takatsu, used to work in the

    kitchen of Motherhouse Bethel about 30 years ago, taught me

    the recipe.

       - Rolling sliced onions, sliced bacons, and pickles by thin beef,

         and grilled it. And put gravy sauce on it. Some vegetables

         served together with it. It would be pleasure for me if you

         put it in your family recipe as it is not difficult to cook it.

   I am looking forward to meeting you in the next time.    


Some participants wrote a questionnaire for us in the last,

    " I appreciated learning the recipe which is the arrangement of

      pickles and mastered, like German food. "

    " I will cook it straight away for my family." 

    " Now, people spend a busy life and we tend to cook easy and

      eat easy. I was really glad that we had such a precious time

      to think deeply having real meal and cooking in a real way"


We will plan "Bethel Kitchen" twice a year and advertise it in this homepage and newsletter.


Thank you very much.  


  *see some pictures here.  


Summer School 2017


We had the summer school in August 2017 and finished successfully with our blessings.


FIsrt, the summer school for primary and junior high school students started and 16 people took part in it. They stayed here for 3 days. They studied bible text, making moss terrarium, and listening the lecture about the history of Kobe city especially during war time and the city emblem. Everyone worked hard for each program and made good friendship during the time. Therefore, they finished the school, promising to meet next summer.


The summer school for pre-school children was held in 18th-19th August just after OBON vacation(japanese summer vacation). The participant is that two 5 years old, two 4 years old and one 1 years old children with their mother and father.  They did short worship, singing, handicraft and puppet play.  


Some volunteers helped us for the summer school very much. 

We appreciated them. We hope to meet everyone in the next summer here in Motherhouse Bethel.


Thank you very much.

The 21st concert of the Bethel Chamber Concert


The Bethel Chamber concert was held in the 10th of June 2017. This time was performance of flout traverso, baroque violin, soprano and organ. The organ used in this concert is in motherhouse bethel was made by the organmeister Mr. Ikuo Nakai. This was the first time performed the organ in public  concert though it has used in various services. The audience seemed enjoyining the sound. Ms. Yuki Mori, soprano, is still 4th year student of Tokyo fine arts university. She had attended summer school in motherhouse bethel during her school time. We are glad that she came back here and gave her performance for us.      


Bethel Kitchen vol.5


Bethel Kitchen vol.5 was held in the 7th of June 2017. This was 5th time. Following the previous time 'featuring flour', we made 'Sui-Gyoza' and also 'Mizu-kimuchi' as a relish.


The number of participant was 7 people and almost all were followed from last time. We could learn how to use flour in various ways and had nice time together. 


The next kitchen will be on this autumn. We will announce about the detail later in this HP.


Special worship for the 32nd anniversary year


The special worship for the 32nd anniversary year was held in the 21st of May 2017. We are very pleased that many people attend it and keep in their mind about us. 

We had Rev. Akihiro Kitsunai, pastor of Mikage Lutheran church, for its sermon.  Mr. Yoshiya Horiuchi, Ms. Etsuko Sawamura and Ms. Yoshiko Sawamura gave us special service for singing, which was beautiful harmony.


We would like to make steady progress in this 33rd year, praying the god.   

Bethel Chamber Ensemble the 20th concert


The concert of Bethel chamber ensemble was held on the 11th of February 2017. The weather on that day was not too bad but quite cold though it expected to be heavily snowing according to weather report. 

This concert series has continued since 2003 and the concert this time was string quartet. They performed three pieces, the collaboration work of three Russian composers (Glazunov, Lyadov,Rimsky-Korsakov), Beethoven and Debussy. The number of audience was nearly 100 and some of them left good comments for the concert.  

Thank you very much. 

2016 the Advent Services


The advent services were held in the 3rd and 4th of December.   There were three services, which were brought by Rev. Michio Ebihara, the former senior pastor of the Mikage lutheran church. He just retired the church in this September 2016 and gives classes in Kobe lutheran theological Seminary and Kobe lutheran bible institute now. The services were on the theme of "Look this person".

Mr. Junichi Harada and Ms.Yasuyo Harada performed violin during services.  

2016 Summer School


2016 Summer School was held in August. There were two classes in this year, one is for primary and junior high school students, and the other is for pre-school children.


The first class was held for three days in the beginning of the August and 15 student participated in that. The high spot was that Ms. RItsuko Koreeda who gave her assistance to Mother Theresa for more than ten years, came and gave the speech about Mother Theresa and her activities.

Also, there were bible studies, games, and singing hymns during the school. 

The school for pre-school children was held after the first one and it was for two days. It need accompanied by a parent. The only two families participated in it in this year. We wish more children will join us next year. There were bible stories, games, watching videos and singing hymns during school.


You can see some photoes from here.


Bethel Kitchen vol.3


The bethel kitchen vol.3 was held in 1/6/2016.

We have started "the bethel kitchen" since last year under the concept of " using safe things in your house ".  We made the cake called "Cake Pignion" used piñon nuts, which is one of cakes Sr. Setoguchi often made for guests. 10 people joined together and we had such a fun time. 

We also made sandwiches for lunch while waiting for baking cakes. 

The next Bethel Kitches will be in this autumn. Thank you very much.


The 19th Concert of Bethel chamber  



The 19th concert of Bethel chamber ensemble titled "the journey in Europe by original instruments, ~Renaissance to Baroque~, was held in 28th of May. The member, Michio Isaji and Junichi Harada baroque violin, Maki Onishi viola da gamba, and Yuriko Yoshitake cembalo, performed pieces from 1500s to 1750s. 

They also explained those music in detail before they played, which was quite helpful for audience who do not know them very much. The ensemble was mature and the sound resonated in the hall. One of audience made a comment like "Apart from the busy daily life, we could spend peaceful time through the music". 

Thank you very much.


Special Worship in celebration of 31st anniversary of its foundation 


We had the special worship as the title says in 15/5/2016.

Dr. Joachim Drechsel came to here from Germany especially for this service and preached in the worship. And also, there was the ceremony for ordination for new representative. Sr. Etsuko Tsujino has assumed its role.

Then, Sr.Tomoko Yamasaki,the former representative, will concentrate her work as a senior pastor in the Bethel Church.


After worship, we had a tea party. Ms.Yuki Mori(soprano, 3rd year of Tokyo University of the Arts), Mr. Ayumu Yasui(organ, 3rd year of Tokyo University of the Arts) and Ms.Yoko Nagashima(lecturer of Toho gakuen College music department, she had performed as mezzo-soprano singer for more than 20 years in Germany. ) performed for us. It was such a fantastic music. We all are very grateful for them. 


please have a look some pictures here.

Three sisters in Germany !


Sr. Tomoko Yamazaki, Sr. Etsuko Tsujino and Sr. Edeltraud Kessler have been in Germany since 13/4/16. They will visit four motherhouses there, such as Elbingerode, Marburg, Altvandsburg, Bleibergquelle, and Gunzenhausen. They will attend seminars and also give the presentation introducing the current situation of Motherhouse Bethel. They will be back to Japan in the end of April.

Please pray for their safe journey.  


Here are some photos from Germany.(4/23)

The Advent Services in 2015


The Advent services were held in the 28th and 29th of November at the Motherhouse Bethel, the first and the second service in the 28th, and the third in the 29th. All three services were brought by Rev. MItsuo Nakajima, the former senior Pastor of the Higashi-Naruo lutheran church, who retired there in 2015 but still serves as a part-time pastor at the same place and other churches. The services were on the theme of "the Rejoiced Chiristmas". 

Mr.Junichi Harada performed violin in the 28th and Ms.Kimiko Matsui performed organ in the 29th during the services 

The concert for babies and kiddies


The concert for babies and kiddies was held at the Motherhouse Bethel in 23/11/2015. It was duo concert for violin and marimba, that Ms.Yasuyo Taharaguchi played violin and Ms. Rie Aishin did Marimba. They played some excerpts from Bizet Carmen, and animation songs such as Tonari-no-Totoro and Disney. Surprisingly, their friend, Ms Noriko Tanaka mezzo soprano singer, joined with them and sang "A Whole New World". The children made maracas with plastic ball and acorns, and performed "Omotya-no-TyaTyaTya(Japanese nursery song)" all together at the end of the concert. 






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