Where does the name of "Bethel" come from ? 


It is the name of town from the old testament. It means "home of God" in Hebrew. It is the place Abraham built the alter and gave prayers in the name of Lord according to genesis 12-8.  Also, according to genesis 28-19, Jacob received the revelation from God in this place and was given the contract of blessings then he called there "Bethel".  Therefore, it is the word which relate to the God's blessings. Thinking even the name comes from, we have tried to do our best for missionary work with the God's affection.



 How do you become sister?    


Woman who is protestant christian and single is able to be sister. However, it is the primary requirement in her christianity to devote her marriage to god. In other words, it is necessary for her to call down to be sister from the God. The basement of our life process is the word of God. We pray it will be our power to live.

Our history 


After the second world war, missionary in China had to go out of the country because of the prohibition of christianity there. Sisters in China from Marburg mission,Germany, moved to Japan. Sister Caroline Steinhof was one of them and she set in Mikage, Kobe in 1952. She founded Ishiyagawa lutheran Church at the same time. This is Mikage Lutheran Church at present.

She also had strong desire having a place for women who devote her marriage and serve to God as sister. Her desire was granted afterword. The Motherhouse Bethel founded in the 16th of May, 1985. 



There are eight sisters who work in Motherhouse Bethel at the moment. They have serviced in various places to preach christianity.   

from left to right

Sr. Kuniko Kamata, Sr. Tomoko Yamasaki, Sr. Etsuko Tsujino, Sr. Rieko Mochizuki, Sr. Natsuko Setoguchi, Sr. Edeltraud Kessler, Sr. Sayuri Konishi, Sr. Shigeko Hirotani 

Sr. Etsuko Tsujino 



         of Motherhouse Bethel


She started going to church when she was high school student. Then, she was baptized at the age of 18 in Wakayama Lutheran Church.

She graduated from the department of literature, Mukogawa women's University. 

She has devoted her life as deaconesse(sister) since December, 1990. She graduated from Kobe Lutheran Theological Seminary 2 years course.  

She had studied German language in inlingua Nuremberg, Germany from September 2014 to August 2015. 

She has been representative of Motherhouse Bethel since May, 2016.