Senior pastor  

               Sr. Tomoko Yamasaki



Sunday worship service : 11:00 a.m.〜12:00 a.m.(morning service) 

                                           7:00 p.m.〜  7:30 p.m.(evening service) 

Sunday school  9:30 a.m.

Deutsch Anfänger 5:30 p.m.


Motherhouse Bethel has started activity as a church since the April of 2015 though already giving the worship in Sunday evening several years ago. We will give information about Bethel church in this page. We are looking forward you to attending our church.


Senior pastor


Sr. Tomoko Yamasaki


She has devoted her life as deaconesse(sister)since 1/9/1991. 

Graduated from Kobe Lutheran 

Theological Seminary in 12/3/2005.

Conferred a Master degree of Divinity from Kobe Lutheran Theological Seminary in 2006.

Imposed the hands on her as minister in 26/2/2007, and as the representative of Motherhouse Bethel in 20/5/2012. 



Sunday School 


Sunday school starts from 9:30 in the morning of every Sunday before the worship.

It is mainly for the students of primary school and junior high school.

We have not only reading bible story, singing a hymn but having a game and making a handicraft.

We are looking forward you to join with us!

Sister Rieko Mochizuki is in charge of the Sunday school.




Deutsch für Anfänger

  (German class for the first step)


Just started German class for the first step from the September of 2015. 


People who are interested in German language, conversation, and Germany itself, come on this class and enjoy with us.


Sister Etsuko Tsujino is in charge of Deutsch für Anfänger.




The study of Luther's Small Catechism


We have had the study of Luther's Small Catechism every Sunday afternoon from at 13:30. You can learn the divine guidance, the truth of bible's relief, and the study of Christian belief from this class. 

Two people are attending the class at the moment. We will welcome you who are interested in the Luther's small catechism.

The word of God for 2018


He said to me: “It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To the thirsty I will give water without cost from the spring of the water of life."


                                                   6:21 Revelation


The 18th Sunday service after the Pentecost



Hymns                      162、331、542

Worship song              59    Glorious God's name 

Responsive reading    50:4〜11 Isaiah


Bible text                     8:27〜38 Mark


Message                       ” You are Messiah! "


                                           by Rev. Tomoko Yamazaki


Christmas services in 2017


We had two christmas services in the 24th of Dec. because the 24th was Sunday in 2017,first the christmas day service, and the christmas eve service later in that night.


Children attending the Sunday school and sisters played Nativity Play during the Christmas service. We enjoyed special lunch together after the service.


At the night, we had the christmas eve service. We read the bible story, sing hymns, and put lights on candles. We thought about the birth of Jesus Christ and appreciated it during the service. 

Easter in 2017


The Easter service was held on the 16th of April, 2017. 

We appreciate to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ with the congregation. Children in Sunday school sang hymns especially for the service. Also, we had a new guest and people who hadn't been here for a while.  After the service, we had special lunch together.  

Good Friday service was held two days before the Easter.  

Christmas services in 2016


The christmas eve service was held on the 24th of December.

We read the bible text written about the birth of Christ alternately,and sang the hymns between readings. Also, we had candle service.


The christmas service was held on the next day.  Children who join Sunday school gave the short play of the Christ and sang some hymns. They did their best.  We had special lunch after the service.


The christmas party for children was held on the 23rd of December. Children attending the Sunday school every Sunday morning and also attending the Summer camp last summer gathered this event. They enjoyed singing hymns, games, christmas play, watching DVD and so on. We could spend very nice time with children.

Easter for children!


A week after the Easter, we had Easter for children. 

Children taking part in the Sunday school and other friends joined  together for this Easter for children.  We are very grateful to have such an opportunity here. We expect it will last for our future.  

Happy Easter!!


The Easter service was held in the 27th of March and we had a wonderful worship. Especially, Mr.Yoshiya Horiuchi, Ms.Tomoko Sawamura and Ms.Etsuko Sawamura, who are also good friends of Sisters, gave us singing performance during the service. 

The service of Christmas eve's day was held in the 24th of December, from p.m.7:00. We celebrated the advent of Christ through having the candle service.  We could spend the time quietly with the light of candles and the night view of Kobe city which we could watch from the chapel of Motherhouse Bethel. 






2018年 9 月の予定


 4日 婦人の集い


 9日 セミナー 最終回 


25日 いずみ会




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2018 セミナー第3回






2018 夏期学校が無事に終わりました。



ベテル室内アンサンブル 第22回演奏会のご案内




















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