Senior pastor  

      Sr. Tomoko Yamasaki


Sunday worship service : 11:00 a.m.〜12:00 a.m.(morning service) 


Sunday school  9:30 a.m.

Deutsch Anfänger 5:00 p.m.


Motherhouse Bethel has started activity as a church since the April of 2015 though already giving worship in Sunday evening several years ago. We will give information about Bethel church in this page. We are looking forward you to attending our church.


Senior pastor


Sr. Tomoko Yamasaki


She has devoted her life as deaconesse(sister)since 1/9/1991. 

Graduated from Kobe Lutheran Theological Seminary in 12/3/2005.

Conferred a Master degree of Divinity from Kobe Lutheran Theological Seminary in 2006.

Imposed the hands on her as minister in 26/2/2007, and as the representative of Motherhouse Bethel in 20/5/2012. 



Sunday School 


Sunday school starts from 9:30 in the morning of every Sunday before the worship.

It is mainly for students of primary school and junior high school.

We have not only reading bible story, singing a hymn but having games and making handicrafts.

We are looking forward you to join with us!

Sister Rieko Mochizuki is in charge of the Sunday school.




Deutsch für Anfänger

  (German language class for beginners)


Started German class for beginners from the September of 2015. 


People who are interested in German language, conversation, and Germany itself, come on this class and enjoy with us.


Sister Etsuko Tsujino is in charge of Deutsch für Anfänger.




The study of Luther's Small Catechism


We have had the study of Luther's Small Catechism every Sunday afternoon from at 13:30. You can learn the divine guidance, the truth of bible's relief, and the study of Christian belief in this class. 

Two people are attending the class at the moment. We will welcome you who are interested in the Luther's small catechism.

The word of God in 2024


                                  "Do everything in love."                                           


                                                                                        16-14 Corinthians 1                                        

The 4th Sunday service after Pentecost     16/6/2024


Hymns             4、505、540


Responsive reading           32   Psalms


Bible text                              1:1〜17    


Message                                     " Genealogy of God's grace."                                                  

                                                          Rev.   Ritsuko Sunahara

Easter Service 2022


The Easter in this year was 17th of April. It was very glad that we had Easter service on that day though we could not have it two years ago because of covid-19. It is a pity that we could not have a big lunch with our congregation again. However, we could have normal service and there was violin performance during the service. We prayed for our church, our congregation, covid and war between Ukraine and Russia. We hope god will led everything go better way.   

Easter Service 2021


The Easter service was held in the 4th of April, 2021. We were very glad we could have the service in our church this year as we could not have it last year because of COVID-19. However, it was not usual Easter service we had before.  We used to enjoy having big lunch and playing with congregations after the service. We had to stop all those events and just had the service. So, we had three short performances by children from Sunday school and congregations during the service. 


It passed more than a year since the COVID-19 appeared and we are still struggling against this virus. We hope our normal life will come back soon. Let's pray for it. God bless you, all.

Christmas Eve Service 2020

We are very grateful to have Christmas service in this year.  We could not do caroling at the Hankyu-Mikage Station like every year because of the COVID-19. Also, we had the service in a different way than every year. We decided to listen with the intension of singing hymns instead of singing them. Member in church and sisters brought their recommended songs and hymns before the service. Then, we decided the program of the service based on them.  There was the performance by flute, violin and viola at the end of the program.

How did you spend your Christmas eve day?  Be careful of COVID-19! God bless you all.    

Christmas Sunday Service and Christmas Eve Service 2019


The Christmas Sunday Service was held in the 22nd of Dec. We appreciated that we had the service which celebrated God's birth together. Children from Sunday school gave the handbell's performance during the service. The title of the sermon was "My soul worship God". We would like to worship God through the act of glorifying as if Maria worshipped and glorified the God with all her heart.(Luke 1/46~55) After the service, we had lunch together and enjoyed spending a time together.


The Christmas eve service was held in the evening of the 24th of Dec. We gave the performance for christmas carols in front of Hankyu Mikage railway station before the service. We are really glad some of people stand still and listened to our songs.   


See the pictures here.


Easter for Sunday school 2019


Easter gathering for kids held in the 2nd of May during the golden week(public holiday week in Japan). Many friends who are not only kids from sunday school but also people attended summer school last year came to this gathering. 

First, we had a small service. There are a short bible story, singing hymns and puppet play. Also, we had dance, handicraft and tea time.  It was great pleasure for sisters that many children gathered and spent with us.

Thank you very much. 

Easter 2019


Congratulation !  

We had Easter service in the 21st of April. Children who have attended the Sunday school gave us singing some hymns during the service. They shaked hands all around after that and brought us easter eggs. We enjoyed lunch together after the service. Sisters performed handbells for us. We spent such a nice time each other.

Christmas Sunday service and Christmas Eve service 2018


Christmas Sunday and Christmas Eve service service were  held in order in the 23rd and 24th of December 2018. The order reversed because of the calendar of 2018.

The kids joining the Sunday school showed us their singing and reading the bible story in the Christmas service. We had special lunch together after the service. We enjoyed singing hymns, listening music, some quiz and an exchanged presents. The Christmas Eve service was held in the next day. We sang some christmas carols at the Hankyu Mikage station before the service. The day was quite cold but a few people stopped and listened our carol. We are really happy about that. 

Joint Fellowship with Mikage Lutheran Church


Joint Fellowship was held in motherhouse bethel in 5/5/08 by the Fellowship Deaconry. Pastors and Congregations from Mikage Lutheran Church, Bethel church, Sumiyoshi-yamate Christ Church, Higashi-Naruo Lutheran Church, Tokiwadai Christ Church and Kibougaoka Christ Church joined together.

Rev. Mitsuo Nakajima, pastor Tokiwadai Christ Church, gave the messege and had tea party after that. There were some performances for instance singing hymns, playing Okarina, and playing by flute, violin and organ. Quiz game about the history of the Fellowship Deaconry livened up very much at that day.


It was really nice time and quite a few people said that it would be really nice if we had a same thing nearly future.

See the pictures here.    

Sunday school Easter


Sunday school Easter was held in 8/4/08 though it had been a while after Easter. The lady who volunteers for motherhouse bethel kindly lent their house for it.  10 students and some their mother joined with us. The lady also drew about bible story in 3D. They also enjoyed various playings in her garden.

Thank you very much. 

See the pictures here.

Easter 2018


Happy Easter!! 

We delighted to celebrate Easter 2018 with congregation in the Bethel church. Children in Sunday School showed us their singing hymns and reciting bible words. We also were quite happy people not often coming to church because of their work and new people  joined with us. After Easter service, we had such together. Again, we enjoyed to listen singing hymns by sisters and children, and also violin playing.  

See the pictures here.

Christmas services in 2017


We had two christmas services in the 24th of Dec. because the 24th was Sunday in 2017,first the christmas day service, and the christmas eve service later in that night.

Children attending the Sunday school and sisters played Nativity Play during the Christmas service. We enjoyed special lunch together after the service.

At the night, we had the christmas eve service. We read the bible story, sing hymns, and put lights on candles. We thought about the birth of Jesus Christ and appreciated it during the service. 

Easter in 2017


The Easter service was held on the 16th of April, 2017. 

We appreciate to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ with the congregation. Children in Sunday school sang hymns especially for the service. Also, we had a new guest and people who hadn't been here for a while.  After the service, we had special lunch together.  

Good Friday service was held two days before the Easter.  

Christmas services in 2016


The christmas eve service was held on the 24th of December.

We read the bible text written about the birth of Christ alternately,and sang the hymns between readings. Also, we had candle service.


The christmas service was held on the next day.  Children who join Sunday school gave the short play of the Christ and sang some hymns. They did their best.  We had special lunch after the service.


The christmas party for children was held on the 23rd of December. Children attending the Sunday school every Sunday morning and also attending the Summer camp last summer gathered this event. They enjoyed singing hymns, games, christmas play, watching DVD and so on. We could spend very nice time with children.

Easter for children!


A week after the Easter, we had Easter for children. 

Children taking part in the Sunday school and other friends joined  together for this Easter for children.  We are very grateful to have such an opportunity here. We expect it will last for our future.  

Happy Easter!!


The Easter service was held in the 27th of March and we had a wonderful worship. Especially, Mr.Yoshiya Horiuchi, Ms.Tomoko Sawamura and Ms.Etsuko Sawamura, who are also good friends of Sisters, gave us singing performance during the service. 

The service of Christmas eve's day was held in the 24th of December, from p.m.7:00. We celebrated the advent of Christ through having the candle service.  We could spend the time quietly with the light of candles and the night view of Kobe city which we could watch from the chapel of Motherhouse Bethel.